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Sri Hanuman Chalisa

An Authentic and User-Friendly Course | taught by Naren K. Schreiner & Lopamudra Bose

Course description

A Free Online Course of the Sri Hanuman Chalisa.

Welcome to the only course offered on-line that teaches authentic and accurate pronunciation and musical chanting of this much beloved chant, the sacred Sri Hanuman Chalisa. 


Learn from Naren K. Schreiner and Lopamudra Bose in an easy, step-by-step video course that also offers audio practice recordings and a PDF of the entire text.

The course is ideal for all levels and all ages. You will learn:

  • Correct pronunciation
  • Rhythmic cadence (how the text flows with tempo)
  • How to sing in an easy and traditional melody (both for female and male vocal range)
  • How to play this chant on harmonium

The course is divided in 8 lessons, the first 6 covering the entire Chalisa word for word and verse by verse.
Lessons 7 and 8 concentrate on the music, teaching a traditional melody for voice and harmonium, and in two keys that fit the scale for women's and men's voices.

Course Includes:

  • Unlimited access to 8 videos, totaling nearly 2 hours.
  • 2 digital downloads of practice recordings to listen in the car or at other times for practice.
  • A PDF of the complete Sri Hanuman Chalisa with Devanagari script, English transliteration, and English translation.

Your contribution makes it possible for us to offer this course free of charge to devotees worldwide.


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Naren K. Schreiner & Lopamudra Bose
Naren K. Schreiner & Lopamudra Bose
Founding Teachers of Sangita Yoga

Learning with Sangita Yoga

About Naren K. Schreiner

Naren is a teacher and priest of India’s sacred traditions. Sacred music is an integral part of his life and offerings. He began his spiritual search at a young age, drawn to Paramahansa Yogananda and his teachings. He became a monk of the Self-Realization Fellowship Ashram. For 14 years he studied, served the SRF mission, and lived the pure, disciplined life of a monk.

During those years he especially concentrated on India's spiritual heritage, yoga sadhana and devotional chanting. He learned Indian bhajans and the swarsadhana foundations of dhrupad music.

In 2010 Naren, with the support of his spiritual counselors, chose to leave the ashram and expand his lifework and spiritual search. During his pilgrimage to India that year, Naren was invited to be a resident guest scholar at the ITC-Sangeet Research Academy in India, where he studied with maestros of classical music, concentrating on the foundations of bhavsangeet.

In 2012 Naren founded Sangita Yogathrough which he teaches and offers sacred music and rituals in various spiritual centers, universities, cultural and interfaith centers throughout US and México (Naren is fluent in Spanish). He also released several albums.

The mission of Sangita Yoga is to offer the experience of India's sacred music and to be an authentic and accessible resource for learning.

Naren continues to deepen and expand his spiritual spiritual life at the Kali Mandirwhere Naren serves Ma as a pujari (priest), and throughout his travels to other communities and ashrams.

About Lopamudra Bose

Lopamudra has been a part of Sangita Yoga since its inception, working on translations, teaching language, and offering cultural guidance and inspiration. Her passion to preserve the traditions of her homeland brings a special quality and grace to Sangita Yoga.

Born in Kolkata, India, she was naturally drawn to the sacred art and culture of her homeland. Her degree in Philosophy from University of Calcutta reflects her deep interest and study of the spirit. As an ardent devotee of Kali and a disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda, Lopamudra has practiced yoga meditation and chanting of Sanskrit prayers and mantras for most of her life.

Later studied interior design and started a residential design business. Her career expanded to other areas of commercial design and art and is now enhanced by the study of Vāstu, India's architectural science.

Lopamudra owns Supreme Swan, an online retail store providing high quality products from India and abroad that inspire and support a spiritual life.

Naren and Lopa can be contacted at:

Reviews (46)


by Mariam Massarat
This is the best Hanuman Tutorial I have ever seen. Thank you very much.

by Tanmayi Fromage

by Thavamalar Kanagaratnam
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by Mariam Massarat
This is the best Hanuman Tutorial I have ever seen. Thank you very much.

by Tanmayi Fromage

by Thavamalar Kanagaratnam


by Ana LaRouche
Both Lupa and Nareen conduct the lessons with nice pace and their soothing voices clearly enunciate each word and build up nicely to each next verse. The background is grounding and lovely even their garments evoque the sacredness of the song and the whole tableau is inviting.


by moses love
love you both for sharing

by Bhajan Bojamma

Harkishan Mistry

by Harkishan Mistry
Thank you so much, I have always wanted to learn the Hanuman Chalisa and I think I have achieved this goal with your fantastic help. I found the course very easy to follow and very well presented and I will share with my family and friends. Thank you once again, you both are doing great sewa.

Jai Shri Ram Jaya Gurudev Jaya

by angel nieves

Beautiful jay shri Ram

by Claire Birtwell
Thank you for your beauty and care in this course.

Sri Hanuman Chalisa

by Hugh Shewring
Excellent course. Clear and concise and well paced.


by Steven Ramsey
What an excellent course! I'm very grateful that you offered this highly valuable course for free. The Hanuman Chalisa has been a part of my regular practice for years and i'm happy to perfect it.


by Patricia Sanderson
Fulfilling in love and devotion

by Anne Levitt


by Shivāni Martín
Excelente curso, gracias

by Arditi Sylvia

by veronique porter


by Marie Marthe Lanteigne
excellent 10 points

Learning delight

by Chamundai Curran
I was so excited to find this course. I was searching for a course after I suddenly felt a strong inner calling and a deep desire to lean the Hanuman chalisa. The course was excellent - easy to follow, beautifully sung and pronounced and I am happy to say I completed it and I now love being able to chant this beautiful prayer and feel the blessings of Lord Hanuman. Thank you to Sangita Yoga for making this course available and accessible to westerners !

Hanuman Chalisa Lesson #5

by Durga Devi
Thank you both so much. I am reviewing all the pronunciation and it is so helpful. Sending love to you both.

Truly Special Teaching of Sri Hanuman Chalisa

by Kelly Mouk
Taking this course was a wonderful experience! The way that these gifted teachers break down the Hanuman Chalisa makes it easy to learn and fun to learn. You can feel their positive vibes even through the screen and their instruction is thorough and heart felt. It was a joy to finish this course and I feel so blessed to say that I now have the Hanuman Chalisa memorized. I definitely recommend this course to all devotees who want to get closer to Hanuman, to Ram, to who we really are! Thank you Sangita Yoga! Jai Ram!

thank you!

by Sally Shewring
WOnderful course, very helpful for the pronunciation, rythmn. really enjoyed it.

by Sandy Naimou

by Anil Kumar

Hanuman Chalisa free course

by Dave Speidel
I worked with the videos for maybe 8 months and I finally have it memorized. I'm 66, so it took a while to make it stick. I highly recommend using this free course. They are gracious enough to offer it for free. It was well worth a donation from me. Ram Ram.

Hermosamente didáctico

by Laksmi Devi
El curso ha sido hermoso en todos los sentidos, Lopamudra explica muy claramente y Naren ayuda mucho aclarando la fonética para occidentales. Este chalisa es muy hermoso y la manera en que lo enseñan te permite cantarlo y memorizarlo de una manera fácil y rápida. Por último, la clase con harmonio excelente, hace pensar que el canto de mantras con música es muy sencillo.

Thank you

by MaryPat Azevedo
This course is very helpful.

by Avash Dookhi

by kelly walsh

Very good

by Kobi Chu
THe course is organized in a well structured format where you can easily learn the pronunciation correctly. This is the best melody of Chalisa that I've ever heard . Nice instrument and nice voice! Love it!

by Nancy Konipol


by Chanti Tacoronte-Perez
Simple, straightforward and lovely! Thank you!

The perfect way to learn

by Ellyn McNamara
I have longed to learn the Hanuman Chalisa for many years. You have put together a magnificent system to teach westerners the chalisa with proper pronunciation. I cannot thank you enough. I know that it will take a long time to learn it by heart. That’s ok with me. I want to carry it with me for a lifetime. Thank you again for providing this free lesson for the bhaktas of the world. May god and Gurus forever bless your steps.

by Shreedhar Singh PMP®

Learning the Hanuman Chalisa

by Rick Widdifield
Highly recommend this for anyone serious about learning the chalisa. This is a great way to get started learning this sacred prayer to Sri Hanuman. I recently had the opportunity to chant this with KD at Kainchi Dham in India and was a little embarrassed that I hadn't spent more time working on the lyrics. I have struggled with how to pronounce the lyrics and this course really helped me to get more confident. It's important to get the pronunciation right so you are not committing to memory things you will have to eventually unlearn. I like the simple but traditional melody that is included toward the end. I appreciate that it's free also. It's a prayer after all. But it took time and effort to plan and produce and I appreciate it! Thanks!

Jaya Hanuman!

by Parker Middlebrook
With the help of Naren, Lopa and the Sangita Team not only has it been simple and easy to follow but greatly enjoyable learning such a sacred chant with accurate pronunciation. As I continue in my study of the Sri Hanuman Chalisa I am positive that it will help to bring more joy, devotion and wisdom into my life and sadhana. Jaya Sri Hanuman! Jaya Sangita Yoga!

by Rattankumar Singh

by Swetha reddy Bathula

A True Gift

by Lindsay Howett
It is technically accurate, visually beautiful and above all filled with bhakti. It will have your heart smiling and your soul singing!

by katrina maclachlan

Hanuman chalisa

by larry raffel
Thank you so much.....I have been chanting the chalisa ( along with A vocal ) but I have never mastered the correct pronunciation and inflection. Your teaching is wonderful and slow enough for me to follow. Chanting The chalisa will be even more powerful wth your teaching Looking forward to the possibility that you will teach in Boston sometime. Much Metta, Larry

A great experience!

by Keren Bensoussan
I was really excited when I came across a Facebook post saying that it was possible to learn the Hanuman Chalisa with detailed attention to the pronunciation ... and the perks of a harmonium lesson and a skype lesson just made it all the more exciting :) It took about three months to give my full attention to the videos and teachings, and although it was a bit challenging for me, I was helped by the gentle reminders I received via email to not give up! And so I didn't ... Naren and Lopa are wonderful guides and patient teachers. With some self-discipline and practice, they make it possible to learn the Hanuman Chalisa because it's as if they're holding your hand while you're learning it. Jai Hanuman!

Authentic and Pure with Exceptional Video's

by Kunal Khanna
I'm in awe at how well done the course was delivered, and the quality of the recordings. I can really feel the time and effort spent. Very grateful to have come across Naren and Lopa, the sincerity and purity are very tangible and comforting. Learning and being shown how to chant the hanuman chalisa on the harmonium in the last video is not something I expected when I signed up for the course, this was a very welcomed surprise and blessing for me! Jai Shri Ram.

Excellent course -- well thought out and beautifully taught

by Linda Gabby
The Sangita Yoga Sri Hanuman Chalisa course is an excellent investment of time for those interested in learning this ancient scripture. The course breaks the 40 verses into manageable segments that are then taught for accurate pronunciation and rhythm in individual lessons. Full review of each segment at the end of each lesson, paired with a slow practice audio download offered in Lesson One, support regular, ongoing practice. Naren and Lopamudra pair up to provide a clearly understood, well paced course of study. I see that the course ends with application to harmonium and singing of the chalisa, but have not yet reached those lessons. One suggestion: I do wish that verses being taught were sung at the start (or end) of each lesson, as the Doha (invocation) is in Lesson One. I would appreciate being able to put each lesson directly into full, sung practice. For me, this is where the devotional aspect of this chalisa is conveyed best. Grateful for your service to devotees of Hanuman through this excellent course.

Great course!

by david allen
This is an incredibly thorough, well thought out, and enjoyable video. A great introduction. I'm definitely recommending this to anyone who wants to learn to play harmonium and/or sing.

Hanuman Chalisa

by rajini shahani
Great course! Excellent teaching methods and easy to learn. Would like to learn various Bhajans and kirtans on line. Loved the course, Naren and Lopa make it easy to learn and also give encouragement at every step of learning. Thank you.

The best way to learn the Chalisa correctly

by pete hurley
Thank you